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GBT is a top-notch BPO development company, providing customer service, technical support and quality assurance for your venture needs.

We offer customizable dedicated solutions for inbound and outbound calls as well as digital communications processing for enterprises and startups. We currently service many brands and continue to grow thanks to our vast experience and knowledge in serving a high number of successful project.

We are ready to aid you with software solutions, customer service and technical support for custom private and public development along state-of-the-art consulting services. We have a team of skilled experts who provide positive customer experience throughout the whole process.

Qualified Developers

Hire qualified developers who are working enthusiastically for the assigned mission.

Great Team

Great team work & effective internal communication for perfect delivery.

Motivated Professionals

Motivated professionals strive to offer the best performance.

Transparent Procedure

Transparent procedure and completely optimized for smooth communication.

Friendly Infrastructure

Work friendly infrastructure in its entirety.

Digital Tools

Convenience in resources & digital tools for all teams.

Comes to Quality

No compromise when it comes to quality of development solution.

Payment Gateway

Trained payment gateway developers who stick to your objects to deliver 100%.

Service Consultancy

Dive deep into the working of technology architecture with our experts and understand how it could be implemented into your operations.

Solution Development

At GBT we have focussed expertise in app development. We conceptualize, document, create, test and deploy customized applications to regulate your existing business processes.

Apps Development

GBT’s apps development services aims to provide you with high security apps platforms that reduces transactional cost, time and increases efficiency in contrast to the conventional methods.


Flexible Application Development

As a pioneering apps development company, gbt has fixed a place on the ground of technology platforms development by making and deploying custom flexibles apps. We also offer infrastructure support to modernize your business to stay on the top of the ever-changing marketplace. Leverage a seamless software development services for different industries to generate a quick, safe and clear identify for your organization.
  • Warehouse
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Automobile & Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Online Shopping
  • E-Learning

Team Members

team member
President and CEO
Pablo Gonzalez
team member
Chief Legal Officer
Mauricio Lara
team member
Director of Operations
Salomon Ocon
team member
Financial Advisor
Ronald Rojas
Sean Schnapp
Business Development Director
Sean Schnapp
team member
Creative Manager
Yos Porras
team member
Audiovisual Producer
Lorenzo Jiménez
team member
Miguel Jiménez
team member
Human Resources
Monica Ordoñez
team member
Administrative Manager
Karolina Zeledón